Pacific Wave is a global apparel sourcing and supply chain Management Company based in New York established in 1991. Pacific Wave has offices in key manufacturing hubs including India, China, Pakistan, Jordan, and Bangladesh. Pacific Wave is able to maintain high production standards through its team of on-site inspection specialists and has strong relationships with manufacturers and quality suppliers around the globe. With over 20 years of experience the company mission is to be the most reliable, proficient, and trustworthy sourcing partner for apparel retailers and wholesalers. The company is committed to provide that expert service with competitive cost-efficient best practices.

The company vision was to create an interactive resource for design, merchandising and supply-chain planning and execution between clients and overseas offices and factories. Pacific Wave provides low cost sourcing in apparel, home textiles, footwear, and other goods for companies in the fashion and hospitality industries.

Our design teams in the United States are adept at the many steps from the initial product development process through to final approval sample. Our sourcing experts are constantly evaluating and inspecting factories and production on the Sub-continent, the Middle East and the Far East to provide clients with the best price/value/response-time combinations to meet their multifaceted production needs. Our operations professionals anticipate, prepare and track each bulk shipment to its final destination with transparency and efficiency. We provide full-service assistance as needed in product development, sourcing, compliance, production, inspection, testing, shipping and customs clearance.

Design and Product Development: Even our customers who have their own design teams rely on our expert merchandisers as their eyes in the factories to find the best and newest fabrics and finishes for each incoming season. Alternatively, a client may come to us with a new technique or finish they have found in the marketplace and ask us to duplicate or improve upon the item. With our extensive network of factories we help keep our clients current. Our services include trend and color forecasting; proto-type development, evaluation and fine-tuning; lab dip approval; fabric testing and final pre-production sample approval.

Sourcing, Compliance and Quality Control: Locating the right factory and country, to produce the required product is an important step to maintain the highest quality and best value in the supply chain process. Pacific Wave’s network of over 50 factories is selected based on the best choice to meet customer price/value needs. Pacific Wave has developed strong relationships with factory partners over the past 20+ years. We maintain frank and open lines of communication with factories to make the partnership meaningful and valuable to our clients. Our dedicated quality control staff manages the quality and ensures remedial action is taken to ensure product specifications are maintained at all times. Building quality into each product from start to finish pays quality dividends in every shipment.

Logistics, Packaging and Shipping, Compliance and Customs Clearance Assistance: Starting with an all-important development calendar, our team monitors production through to shipping and document information. Their expertise with ticketing, packaging, ASN file transfer, tracking, customs clearance and domestic delivery keeps shipments running smoothly. Constant monitoring of each step of each shipment insures that glitches become unstuck promptly and efficiently.

Competitive Advantage

  • 30+ years of hands on experience and technical knowledge
  • Established offices, relationships and experienced team
  • Competitive pricing and margins
  • Free Trade Agreement manufacturing facilities
  • Vertically integrated supply chain base
  • Socially compliant and CTPAT vendor base